Melody & Tyler
Breaking and Bending
T&M Entertainment
Street: 04.20
Melody & Tyler = Fleetwood Mac + Allison Krauss + Alanis Morissette 
I woke up with lyrics stuck in my head a couple of times after listening to this album––the songs are catchy, well put together, and totally genre-appropriate. Singer/songwriter Melody Pulsipher has a beautiful voice, and, better still, is willing to experiment with it, ranging from soft and moody to twangy and countrified. Tyler Forsberg’s acoustic guitar and occasional vocal harmonies are the perfect complement, and the overall consistency and vibe make it obvious that these two have an undeniable chemistry. Pulsipher flexes her musical muscle even more by adding guitar to some of the tunes, and Forsberg does a great job of periodically adding more rhythm by tapping on the body of his acoustic, showing off his roots as a drummer. Personal faves off the album like “The American Dream” and “Lesson From A Love Song” feel as classic as Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane.” This album is absolutely lovely.