Local Reviews: Michael Biggs/Matthew Munn

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Michael Biggs/Matthew Munn


A. Star

Street: 05.21.07

Michael Biggs/Matthew Munn = Derek Bailey + Expo ’70 – chops

Improvised music is a delicate act. You must have the right balance of ideas, skills, and genuinely powerful results lest you come off as too academic or too amateurish. This collection of improvised pieces by Michael Biggs and Matthew Munn, members of the Davis County A. Star music/art/etc. collective left me screaming “quality control” at the top of my lungs. The first piece, “Balloon,” is genuinely hypnotic and engaging with its pounding drums, guitar feedback and incessant vocal samples, but the rest of the record is mostly aimless and dull, giving the listener the impression that this wasn’t really thought through beyond the level of “let’s get stoned and see what happens.” I’m sure this sounded great to its creators at the time, but they should probably be more discerning about what they actually decide to give to the listening public.