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Black Lungs EP
Street: 11.27.09
MindState = House Of Pain + Cypress Hill + Peanut Butter Wolf
It’s got some soul to it. The Black Lungs EP has some character to it as well. Normally the self-loathing game can get a little played, but Dusk One does it and sells it with a proper delivery. Opening with a soulful Shawshank-Redemption beat you get a solid idea of what you’re in for, solid beats and meaning. A real stand-out track “Boss (part 1)”  is a track for Honna to showcase his ability to create. “I do like Johnny Cash and grab my cleanest dirty shirt” comes off the track “Same Old Trouble,” an insightful track about living life in a rut and the complications that go with trying to break the rut and move on.  The whole album is a solid creation. The beats sound good, the lyrics are meaningful and delivered with consequence.