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Muscle Hawk
The Speed of Dark EP
Street: 01.28
Muscle Hawk= Justice + Ratatat + Chromeo

This band is fucking hot to trot. Two guys on synths/computers plus one lady on the drums formulates the perfect combination for a dance party. There is a reason one of their songs is called “Cocaine,” because MH is audio base. A little baking soda, some shiny foil, irresistible beats and some live bass guitar (for taste) makes this some of the purest dance rock around. Sorry to mix crack and freebase metaphors, but you get it. These motherfuckers are cooking up at 100 percent pure. I can’t say enough positives, so I will let your ears do the listening and your head the bopping. Pick this up if you like to get out of your gourd and shake it epileptic.