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Lost Like Children
Fox on a Hill
Street: 06.28
Mushman = Sugar + Spice + Everything Nice
If I didn’t already, now I certainly feel like a child. There must be a secret to make an album friendly and inviting, and Mushman’s got the ingredients. Step 1: Start off with lovely acoustic guitars. Step 2: Add in a clarinet, harmonica and some keys. Step 3: Mix gently with sweet melodies and vocals, and last, but not least, Step 4: The “special” sauce, a local twist. After it’s done and ready to go Mushman gets on an ice cream truck, blares Lost Like Children through the speakers and all of a sudden they’ve got a following of hypnotized fans running close behind. It looks like this summer we’ve got a Pied Piper in Salt Lake. Even though their tracks have pessimistic titles like “Sad Jack Strawberry” and “Comatose” I end up feeling better after than I did before. This certainly doesn’t need to be taken down with a spoonful of sugar; it’s got more than enough.