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My Own Time
Rise From the Downfall

Street: 06.21
My Own Time = Otep + Crisis + Walls of Jericho + Kittie

From the ashes of Oxido Republica come My Own Time, a very different machine than Oxido. The obvious highlight of this five-track demo is Karla “Agony” Olivia’s vocals. There is a great amount of energy behind her lyrics, and it just feels like she is singing from her own pain when nowadays many female singers scream just because they can. Agony has a Karyn Crisis vibe behind her, but she maintains her own style and strength. The music is rooted in groove metal, but there is plenty of thrashing moments and moody melodic portions setting the tone for a dark set of recordings. On some tracks, the guitars falter and seem to lack a bit of intensity, but the guys hit it right on the head with their song “Pain Lulls Me to Sleep,” the most technical-sounding track of the demo. It’s also the most moving. The production sound for a demo is for the most part excellent. The drum sound gets lost in the mix at times, but it has a tape-recorded quality to it that gives the songs a gritty and harsh tone. I’d honestly listen to My Own time over anything that Otep or Kittie have released. The band has true promise in all aspects.