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Night Terror
Primitive Reaction
Red Light Sound
Street: 08.26
Night Terror = I Hate Girls With Bruises + Gudgeguh + AODL
Clocking in at a diminutive 12 minutes in length, Jared Russell’s Night Terror Primitive Reaction is getting a mixed reaction. At 12 minutes it’s just enough of a conceptual build-up to maintain interest, but one wonders whether or not would still sound fresh if it had been longer. To his credit, he knows when to fold’em. The album begins with a blast like that of a twin-engine plane taking off and it maintains its exhaustive pitch going through four more tracks. As the plane slowly descends you get the overwhelming sounds of suppression, depression and inflation; a typical assault and release formula. For a short EP’s worth of noise, it’s not bad, but on the other hand it’s not that great either.