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Nine Worlds
Self -Titled
Street: 10.02
Nine Worlds= Cult of Luna+Rwake+Pelican+Russian Circles
Nine Worlds takes the pace of super slow doom/ambient metal and speed it up just enough too keep you connected. I get undeniably impatient with 12-minute-plus songs that fade into nowhere, but here I found a satisfying four-song EP with all tracks in perfect timing. The tracks travel with a basic (61) SaltLakeUnderGround heavy loop of repetitive, sludge-filled rhythm separated by breakdowns that resume a notch heavier. Titillating bass lines and math rockish guitar are a monster part of the sound, paired with a well-balanced amount of masculinity and femininity. My favorite track is “Everyone’s In A Fucking Band,” (which is a fucking awesome song name) it has a lonely twang that plays with samples from the movie, A Scanner Darkly. Thank you Nine Worlds for offering a noteworthy release. Stoners, roll up your sleeves.