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Nolens Volens
Billygoat Database
Street: 11.15
Nolens Volens = The The + Non Non + Aa
This is, like, the second or third album Nolens Volens has released this year and it doesn’t look like he is going to stop, unfortunately. All joking aside, if you have been following Andrew Glassett’s musical journey, you will have invariably noticed that this CD is a departure from his earlier, pounding club hits. Andrew’s earlier work has been typified by repetitive euro-trash beats with an incisive electronic edge — kind of like wielding a sword that can shoot lightening from it. On this release, however, Glassett has moved in for a quieter, gentler America. The headachey beats are still there, but they are not as in your face as usual. Instead, they break the atmosphere of the irregular train whistles and meditative moodiness. Do I like the new Nolens? A resounding yes! I love that Andrew is going in new directions and doing it well. Andrew is forging a definite style and is on E!’s “artists to watch in 2008” list. Or at least he is on mine.