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Nolens Volens
Street: 06.25
Nolens Volens = Dan Deacon + VCR5 + Uzi & Ari
Nolens Volens is Andrew Glassett.  Andrew Glassett is a damn fine musician who just released his eighth album, Nolens Volens.  Word on the WWW is that Nolens Volens was distilled directly from the Glassett family bloodline, each song representative of a member of Andrew’s family. I hesitate to use the word “heartfelt” because that implies that his other albums aren’t, but there’s an intimate vibe running throughout that gives this album a different feel from his previous work. I’m not sure if it’s the fragments of indie rock melodies/instrumentation that walk the Sebadoh-ish line of hokey, but heart-felt honesty, the samples of human voices, (compared with the robotic voices on other NV albums) or my own approach to old age and the whole family/bloodline concept, but this album stands as the most accessible and giving NV album yet.  The next time you hear someone describe electronic music as being cold or emotionless, please smack them in the face with this album.