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The Entitlement Generation

Automation Records
Street : 09.01
nonnon = The Crystal Method – Lyrics + Lootpack

The first reason this release was led into my hands was the fact that it is a cassette ape/ digital release, and seeing how myself keeps it old school with a tape deck in the car, it was only obvious to check it out. The dark-sounding instrumental uproar The Entitlement Generation exudes is a force to be reckoned with. One might say it’s a paranoia-induced masterpiece that leads to rhythms unknown to most human ears, while keeping them wanting more with the Egyptian hip hop, kick and snare. nonnon’s musical pandemonium brings about an ancient feeling and I can only imagine it would feel how King Tut must have felt while watching the madness of his people unfold before his eyes.  Dave Madden has come back with some fiercely extraordinary beats and completely original sounds. This is the record of the year for anyone who loves to get lost in the static clamor of daily life.