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Cut & Paste Vol. 2
Street: 11.01
Odetta= DJ Shadow + Metal Fingers Doom + Pete Rock + Dr Who Dat?
I’ve had the chance to thumb through some of Odetta’s vinyl collection and just about every record I touched had some inspiring funk sound or soulful sample. The guy simply doesn’t keep crappy records in his crates and this is what makes Odetta’s production so solid. The best way to begin making beats is with an unyielding base of samples and a vast record collection. Cut & Paste Vol. 2 contains over twenty-four jazz-infused beats that take you through some of the smoothest sounds ever put on vinyl. “Before My Tim,” was one of my favorite tracks, featuring a diverse array of samples and flowing string bass, but “Naturally” was the song that helped me ultimately decide that Odetta is among Salt Lake’s best producers. His music could make an MC sound dope, but speaks volumes on its own. Be sure to check out Cut & Paste Vol. 1 for more of Odetta’s spotless production.