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Fables & Fairytales/Everyone
Loves Leftovers
Street: 10.08
ODS = The Angsted – bitchin’ Slayer influence + The Adolescents – the appealing aspects of that band ODS didn’t like the vaguely negative review I wrote about their EP a few months ago, so I’ll be a lot more blunt about this one: it sucks. Well, that might not be an entirely accurate reflection of my feelings. I sure as hell don’t like this album, but I also don’t hate it. In fact, it stirs no emotional response in me whatsoever. When you’re making music about rebellion, revolution and free thought that is entirely ineffectual, you should probably leave it to the pros. There is absolutely nothing here that hasn’t been done countless times before by legions of better bands. Fables & Fairytales is full of boring punk rock with tired themes and lyrics that could easily be replicated by any random group of 15-year-olds with a passing interest in Green Day. Mastering goes a long way in making the tracks on Fables & Fairytales easier to digest than the EP, but unless you are a member of ODS, there is little if anything to get excited about here.