Local Reviews: Oh, Be Clever

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Oh, Be Clever
Self Released
Street: 12.15.09
Oh, Be Clever = Neon Trees + Vanessa Carlton + Linkin Park
Check out that formula up there. Interesting threesome, isn’t it? It sums up the Utah County duo that makes up Oh, Be Clever’s sound. I’m pretty sure vocalist Brittney is actually Vanessa Carlton trying to make a comeback, and that’s okay. I admit I enjoy a mainstream pop song from time to time. “I’m Not Welcome Here and You’re a Mess” is pure catchy pop at it’s best—it‘s a shame it clocks in at just over two minutes. The majority of the EP is jam-packed with power pop chords, heavy Killers-like electro keys and Chester Bennington-esque screams from Brittney. This isn’t really a genre I tend to gravitate toward, but I’m glad I spent some time listening to this debut EP. There’s no question Utah County has a neverending supply of talent and Oh, Be Clever is here to remind you of that.