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Old Timer
Live at the Tombstonery
Street: 08.15
Old Timer = Reverend Bizarre + Torche
Somewhere along the foothills resides a small family company who has been forging tombstones, among other things, for more than 100 years. This happens to be the spot Old Timer utilized to record this little gem because they do not give a fuck about studio quality polish or pristine production. Why? Because dirty stoner rock and roll doesn’t need that shit, and it never will, that’s why! What is enduring about Old Timer to me is that they are D.I.Y. to the very foundation –– no fluffy press release, copy machine album art and a disc label that was so thick, it nearly got stuck in my car player. Packed with blues riffs, face melting solos, a strong rhythm section and vocals dirty enough to make you want to brush your own teeth, you can’t really ask for much more. This is a fine piece of work amidst several bands of similar style in our local Utah arsenal.