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Oliver Lemmon
Perplexions With Perfection
Street: 01.02
Oliver Lemmon = Phish + Stoned Dude in Corner with Guitar
Barring the fact that perplexion is not a real word, the rest of the title of this release bodes well for Lemmon, because I’m sure he thought this shit was solid gold when he made it—and sometimes confidence is key. I tried some fragrant local kush strains and thought, “Hey, maybe this guy is on to something.” Maybe he really is. I could heap hate on this release, but Lemmon is actually doing something non-poppy, country or electronic and that is rare these days and in this environment, I’m sad to say, is better than nothing. He seems very insistent on tracks like “Backwards Rewind” to not want much more than to repeatedly fuck two chords over and over, even after you can tell those chords are probably just anxiously waiting for him to finish in their mouths and be done with it—hippie ball smell be damned.