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Arise demo
Street: 03.05
Onesfate = Metallica + Voivod + The Doors + Megadeth
Every band has a beginning, and those beginnings rarely strike lightning on their first shot. Salt Lake City’s Onesfate have provided four solid cuts for their debut demo CD that hark back to old school thrash and mix in some progressive metall and blues styles. The track “So Far,” the least metallic of the demo’s four tracks contains the most solid songwriting, instrumentation and highest replay value. There’s quite a bit to appreciate. With some fun, heavy riffs and catchy rhythms, the guitars and drums tread along at interesting and unique paces. Unfortunately, the vocals, with exception of the aforementioned “So Far,” falter and waver a bit, giving the songs on this demo a bit more of a garage-band feel instead the cool proggy metallic thrash niche feeing that they could have.