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Opey Tailor
Redheaded Stepchild

Street: 10.7
Opey Tailor= Twiztid + Eminem + Necro

Opey Tailor’s been known to spit variations of gangster rap and even love songs and on his latest album, he’s got G-NO of 801INT producing the tracks. Though Opey got his name from people who used to clown on his resemblance to the redheaded, Andy Griffith Show character, Opey Taylor, he’s more like the Dennis the Menace of rap and only cares about his “I don’t give a fuck” image. As an unsigned artist, he’s free to express themes like “lovin’ fat chicks” and make controversial songs like “Fuck Ricky Martin.” It becomes hard to take Opey seriously when he refers to himself as “Ogden’s Walking Venereal Disease” but he proves himself as a serious artist on “Kill Me,” a song about how the record industry profits off of artists who have died. Opey references O.D.B., Mac Dre, 2Pac, and Kurt Cobain as artists whose record sales skyrocketed after their demise. Opey T. is another reason why many people are offended by rap music.