Local Reviews: Pablo Blaqk

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Pablo Blaqk

Sons & Daughters

Self Released

Street: 01.27

Pablo Blaqk = Brett Dennen + Damien Rice + Ray LaMontagne

Born to Cuban parents, Pablo Blaqk picked up the guitar at 18 after his father declined his request for a gun. On his debut album, Sons & Daughters, he proves he made the right choice. Co-produced by Utah favorite Joshua James, each track reveals raw emotion and beautifully composed tracks.

The two minute atmospheric title track opens with delicate keys and Pablo’s soulful voice. Rebecca Russel’s voice arrives midway on the country-tinged track “Find Your Way,” making a nice compliment as Pablo sings, “You are my light that always guides my way through / this black maze of flesh and pain.”

“Family Tree” offers a lively pop moment, complete with an organ, banjo and mandolin combination. Where the album really progresses is toward the end during “Annalee” and “Ballerina”—Pablo’s voice grows confident, mature and adventurous, creating a blanket of comfort.