Local Reviews: Palace of Buddies

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Palace of Buddies
Kilby Records
Street: 03.21
POB = Health + Sonic Youth + Blonde Redhead + Beach Boys
Palace of Buddies is the larger than life projection of two kids playing with their toys: Tim Myers slinging his axe, keyboards and sampler, while Nick Foster pounds the skins, percussion and even more keyboards. It is their youthful experimentation and exuberance that makes Palace of Buddies such a powerhouse in the local rock and electronic scene.  In what I would consider calculated risk, Palace of Buddies stretch the boundaries of modern songwriting while still appeasing the listener with tremendous musicianship. “Dirty Diapers” is their claim to fame, with a vicious polyrhythm set to the focused single guitar note, but there are undiscovered gems throughout the album. New age, proto-casio breakdowns such as “Hope For Me” and the melodical and spiritual drive of “Noel” are my favorite tracks. This is the best local release of the year. Go to your local record store and get a copy.