Local Reviews: Paper Cranes & The Doom Machine DVD

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Paper Cranes & The Doom Machine DVD
Live in Provo November 30, 2006
A. Star Recordings
Street: 10.17.08
PC & TDM = Anla Courtis + Black Dice (early years)

Is Provo the next hotbed for noise music? The stark conservatism mixed with a large number of youth should make for a loud and subversive subculture. Where are the artists? Are they afraid to take off their headphones? Luckily for Provo, the folks at A. Star brought a little chaos down south to test the waters. There is only one camera angle capturing some guitar pounding, knob twiddling and a few concerned audience members. The limited video is great because it allows the viewer to fill in the rest of the situation with whatever imagery is lingering in their frontal cortex. The audio is compelling and the noise masters in the group riff off each other effortlessly, slowly building the tension with all manner of guitars, noisemakers and live drums. I’m sure Provo felt a little less safe on that evening.