Pariah Poetic | Of Nature | Self-Released

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Pariah Poetic

Of Nature

Self Released

Street: 09.23

Pariah Poetic= Strata + Lostprophets

Pariah Poetic is not your Mom’s band. Nor are they your brother’s—they could be your kid sister’s, though. The guitarist has some really, really good things going on—the guit-fiddle is intricately woven throughout (listen to “Deviate Demonic” for confirmation). This is some of the better music of the style that can be heard in Salt Lake recently. Note to band: pull off more of the stuff you do in “Remoxydial”’s ending. Sidebar: I’ve always struggled with this sort of vocalizing and this sort of guitar, they never seem to match but “it is what it is” and in this case: a great effort.