Local Reviews: Paul Jacobsen and the Madison Arm

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Paul Jacobsen and the Madison Arm
Groundloop Records
Street: 09.16.2008
Paul Jacobsen = Cameron McGill + Nickel Creek + Margot & The Nuclear So & Sos (Not Animal)

I first heard Paul Jacobsen a while back on the Slowtrain compilation, Around The Bend, and fell in love with his featured track, “Lung.”  When I got my hands on the full-length and figured out why that opening track was so familiar, I kept my fingers crossed and kept listening.  Not only does Jacobsen deliver, he exceeds my expectations.  A nice folk/alt-country collection, Jacobsen’s voice is mellow with just a hint of gruff with lyrics to match the tone: clever and quick.  The tracks are varied from folk ballads (“Lung”) to demi-jazz beats (“Proper Noun”).  Folk fans take note: Jacobsen’s album is a must.