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Obstruction Of Moustache …und auch, Behinderung der Schnurrbart

Street: 04.20.10
Philosofist = GAZA + Trainwreck + Arsis + Loma Prieta + The Tremula + Darkest Hour + Loom

Holy bajoley, Batman, this really is a knuckle sandwich. As they hint with their very name, Philosofist deftly combines thoughtful musicianship with execution that gets my body swaying and hand-fists punch – ing. Each track in Obstruction Of Moustache stands by itself as its own work of art, starkly different from its siblings. Yet, the album careens and trickles into each subsequent song, then culminates in a style that only Philosofist can embody. Choosing a favorite track is like playing Russian roulette. After a zany introductory sample, “Unnecessary Guile Sweep” punches through with a technical metal assault and traverses through straightforward post-hardcore beats and into a soft, turned-down-distor – tion-guitar solo breakdown. As the release progresses, “Garments (The Things The Lord Commands)” offers a slow, steady beat with chuggy, lowstring guitar work and morphs into a dynamic thriller. “Delicatessen” con – trasts with the rest of the album as it is primarily sung in a style akin to Thom Yorke. Other bangers include the heavy “Ocean Creatures,” which is wrought with consonant musical intervals, and the driving yet wist – ful, “Abandon Ace.” Go Philosofist yourself … and a friend. –Alexander Ortega