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Pilot This Plane Down
Glory of the World
Street: 08.08
Pilot This Plane Down= Tristeza+A band whose name starts with an “I” and ends with an “S”
I wanted to get my ears dirty. Instead of putting Pilot This Plane Down in my computer and doing three different things, I sat down with headphones. Exigent Records is like a grab bag of goodies and has released albums from many local artists that I dig. The initial vibe of Glory of the World is heavily Isis-influenced, but PTPD have something to offer besides a tired replica. The album art is simple and bitchin’ and gives the impression that it’s laced with mysterious meaning. Opening track “At Peace” sets the mood and carries a steady flow to the end with “Collapse.” PTPD’s songs read like a book, bridging one to the other and conducting a dark, solemn and ambient sound. There are moments so eerie that it mimics the score of a 1970s Italian horror flick. With all of the quiet there is loud exploding rhythm that may force you into banging your head, which is always a plus.