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Pop Gun War
Somehow Drowned

Pop Gun War = Themselves + Beastie Boys

Love obscure abstract hip hop? Pop Gun War does the experimental wave of futuristic sounding tracks extremely well. These are the type of beats machines would make if they had minds and wanted to create songs that machines would listen to. Unfortunately, it’s a little bit more obscure than it is listenable. I wasn’t turned off by the vocal tones of the actual rappers, though. They sound like mellow versions of the Beastie Boys, but with that as a high point, the lyrical content itself seems to consistently waver off into ramblings rather than achieve any depth. Tracks four and five of this project both have decent, solid beats but as a whole, the album gets repetitive and tends to run together. As an experimental concept album, I would say it’s a good try. And who doesn’t appreciate a good try these days? –Bethany Fischer