Ravings of a Madman

Self Released
Ravings of a Madman = Anthrax (post Persistence of Time) + Deftones (Adrenaline era)

Yes, it’s true I suffer from white man’s syndrome: I have absolutely no rhythm. That’s what makes critiquing any musicians’ work difficult. If I attempted an instrument I’d fail horribly. All that said, Ravings of a Madman’s self-titled album doesn’t suck or anything, but with any band there is room for improvement. For ROAM it lies mainly in the songwriting. They have unique bouncy-style thrash metal playing about them and yeah,there are some leanings of old nu-metal bands, but no rapping or any of that painful stuff. The album has that garage-band quality to it in its production. Everything’s clear, but it could use a bit of thickening on the guitar and bass. The album is only 33 and a half minutes, but it feels much longer, which for my opinion means the songs run too similar and get a bit dull after repeated listens. Negative thoughts aside, the record has a great live sounding quality. Hell, I’m a picky cynical bastard and I’d check the band out live.