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EP 1
Chamber 3 Records
Street: 07.01
Reveeler = Metallica (90s era) + Motorhead + Sanctuary
Ogden’s Reveeler has grown leaps and bounds since the 2008 demo I reviewed. Their short but potent EP gets rid of the garage rock qualities of the demo, giving them a more refined sound. The production is definitively precise and propels the tracks into their own unique realm of metal goodness. The signs of worship of all that is classic heavy metal are apparent on the four songs on the EP, but there is no real form of musical uniformity within Reveeler’s style. Backed by a core of crunchy heavy guitars dosed with significantly well-performed melodies and highly memorable guitar leads, as well as a thick dose of plentiful and audible bass guitar, the vocals, compared to the 2008 demo, which were sketchy and lacked a lot of confidence, have firmly planted themselves as the band’s strong suit in the form of a grizzled, snarling falsetto full of staunch emotions and power. Reveeler deliver crunchy, thrashy and full-on classic metal shredding with this memorable EP. Bring on the full-length.