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Sounds From the Canyon
Street: 1.01.08
Revideolized = Mountains + Night + Nature

Sounds from the Canyon is Revideolized’s (a one-man project) third album and one highly enlightening concept. The album was recorded in “The Canyon,” also known as Butterfield Canyon. The music, at first glance, could be described as easy listening, but it morphs from that genre’s simple, sterilized, happy, soothing sounds to a darker atmosphere, heightening senses, with ambient and haunting excursions. The electronic synths mixed with beats and brilliant piano melodies are highly organic, far from a mechanical sound one would expect from music played out on an electronic piece of equipment. Sounds from the Canyon feels like a soundtrack beginning at dusk and ending in the deep calm of the extremely early morning, capturing the spirit of nature at night. We can’t all spend every night in the mountains, so this record encapsulates that feeling and allows you to go to that place whenever and wherever you want.