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Street: 07.08
Reviver= Ensign + Will Haven + The Unseen

Maybe I don’t spend enough time in the community because Reviver had totally passed me by before I heard their debut album Versificator. They are yet another talented addition to the Exigent Records roster. Reviver members have been in previous local bands such as Cherem and Cool Your Jets making the band seasoned hardcore veterans. The versatility in their music will cater to almost anyone who has a history with hardcore music. Bind the musicianship of Reviver with wizard fingers Andy Patterson’s recording/ mixing and you have the tools necessary to be pleased. I haven’t been amped on this style of music in a while, but those of you still agile enough for the amount of energy that oozes from Reviver’s veins shall be ready to pump your fist, get your mosh on and possibly do a finger point!