Night Begins


Street: 09.08.11

Riksha = Deftones + Mudvayne + Snot

Longevity in local artists is somewhat uncommon. I remember hearing about Jesus Rides a Riksha back when I was in high school and my brothers were going to the University of Utah. They were members of a fraternity that had the band play at one of their parties. Strangely enough, Night Begins is my first instance in actually hearing the band. Persistence is a strong virtue to have for any band, even if the line-up may have undergone a few changes and now the band name is abbreviated.

Night Begins is a nice mix of rhythmic bouncing heaviness and pure melody. As far as modern heavy music goes, Riksha thankfully don’t sound like a clone of any other band. “Hair Burst Blooms Red,” is a fantastic standout track that is a great showcase of all the talent that Riksha has to offer. I’d honestly like a bit more of the guitar leads and soloing than what is provided on the record—the ’90s have passed and it’s cool to let your guitar wail again. The vocals could use some touching up: Their emotional delivery feels a bit flat and forced. If you’re in the mood to bounce, mosh, and get hit with some heavy, groove-based riffing with clean/gruff vocals, Riksha deliver exactly that.