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Rob Alvord
Street: 05.05
Rob Alvord = Jack Johnson + G. Love + Willy Porter
Alvord’s debut album makes it obvious he has some guitar playing skills. Too bad his voice is like an awkward accessory—it’s nasally and reaches some highly uncomfortable pitches at times. His bio lists all the predictable influences: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan. Funny, it doesn’t mention Jack Johnson, because the melody and structure of Alvord’s “La Dat Da Da” sure does sound like Johnson’s “Inaudible Melodies” from Brushfire Fairytales. Hell, just using La Dat Da Da sounds like a Jackism (the chorus of “Bubble Toes” sure does come to mind). The cover of Rob’s debut release shows him sitting on a front porch strumming a guitar and wearing an outfit pulled from the 70s when it should have had a background of a beach with him decked out in swim shorts, puka-shell necklace, bare feet and a surf board.