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Cockeye Records

Street: 2007

Rummys = Frank Zappa + Cheap Trick + Marilyn Manson + Joan Jett + Steppenwolf

The above equation for Salt Lake City’s Rummys doesn’t really do the band justice and that’s saying quite a bit. Penetration is a jam rock record with an hour’s worth of material playing out in a highly cohesive fashion, feeling like there is an equal portion of creative thought and goofing off in the songwriting. Lyrical content can range from typical classic rock fair to complete oddball, off-the-wall, irreverently poignant and vulgar songs. The best way to describe this offering is take a bunch of your favorite classic rock CDs (Frank Zappa is essential) smash them up with a hammer piece them together to make a CD, then slap that in your player and you have Penetration. The record has the formula of fun built into it with some great grooving and jazzed rythmns with a garage band playing at the bar type stuff but not overly amateurish sounding. It’s all done with taste (or distaste) towards your usual classic rock lyrically and sonically, this is a rock record like you’ve never heard before.