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S.L.F.M. (Sailor’s Life For Me)

Street: 08.01
S.L.F.M.= Tune-yards + Regina Spektor

If a hummingbird princess was tangled in ukulele strings, she would sound like S.L.F.M. Despite the potential for cute homogeneity, S.L.F.M. blends inevitable quiet love songs with distorted (but always melodic) rock sounds. The tracks are unprocessed and recorded live. Let’s talk about moustaches: No album has ever pushed as much moustache propaganda as this. Imagine an upbeat CocoRosie without the baggage of vice. At times the music sounds hurried and is difficult to follow unless all focus is given to the track. “Optimistic Optical Illusions” and “Always Cry Wolf” climax in ear candy falsetto refrains and demand full attention to be enjoyed.