Cover art for Chaos Baby EP by Salt Lake Spitfires.

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Salt Lake Spitfires

Chaos Baby EP


Street: 08.03.12

Salt Lake Spitfires = Metallica – metal + The Dead Boys + Tough Tittie

Salt Lake Spitfires aptly synthesize thrash guitars and mid-tempo punk rock right off the bat with “Mountain” in the Chaos Baby EP, and pin down exactly what it would be like at a rock n’ roll show in the ’70s. The Spitfires succeed in varying their songs yet retaining their own sonic signature: “Shiny Things” bounces with staccato guitar notes akin to Thunderfist, and “Release the Dopamine” starts with a deep-voiced monster that sounds like a Jabba the Hutt version of the voice in Bad Religion’s “Delirium of Disorder,” and then builds into a dance beat and a Ramones quote, “Guess I better tell ’em/I ain’t got no cerebellum.”

“Sick Puppy” calls to mind the wistful guitar work of Blue Öyster Cult as the late Michael E. Cline croons like Stiv Bators. The title-track closer ensconces catchy guitar work and just the right touch of grime in Cline’s vocals. I’m sad I never got to see Cline perform, but I’m excited to see the Spitfires in their new incarnation!