Schrei Aus Stein
Street: 04.01
Schrie Aus Stein = Lustre + Sink + Midnight Odyssey
This two-track EP from Schrei Aus Stein offers up some morsels of music as a precursor to the band’s upcoming third full-length, Cervin, coming soon from this one-man project, on Crucial Blast Records. With a limited release on cassette, grab this while it’s hot. Schrei Aus Stein manage to capture an ethereal, flowing quality on the two cuts, mostly doused in electronic realms, but far from ambient. Pulsing beats mingle with some fervent riffing and an almost mechanical sound skims the background. The two tracks are, in a way, a more subdued, less harsh venture from territories explored on the band’s last full-length, Tsisnaasjini. There are plenty of bands doing the ambient/black thing, and plenty of them make it worth your coin to own their tunes. Bite your pennies and splurge, because there isn’t anything in town like it.