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Secret Abilities
Planet Earth About to be Recycled
Street: 11.24
Secret Abilities = They Might Be Giants + Purr Bats + Star Trek + Red Dwarf

After seeing Secret Abilities live, I can at least say they are consistent with their music. Most bands excel in one setting or the other. Secret Abilities are the same talented blah live or recorded. From crazy dance riffs in “Can’t Stop” to a disgustingly sweet “Love and A Parking Lot.” I think the secret of this album is that it confuses the hell out of me. I want to dance and listen to each song over, but then the vocals start dragging out each song until I want to destroy every lingering “bah, get up, and get out.” Sadly, I do not own a laser gun, and I will probably listen to the CD once more, then throw it into a pile of forgotten rubbish.