Secret Abilities
Street: 08.31
Secret Abilities = Groovie Ghoulies + The Briefs + The Gories
Although the eight minutes of Decapitated don’t seem to last, Secret Abilities get straight to the point with a triad of harmonious voices singing, “Well … well … well …” If Joey Ramone wrote a blues song for The Cramps, it might sound something like “Decapitated.” Secret Abilities’ lead singer, Davin Abegg, even adds a few inhaled gasps in the style of Cramps vocalist Lux Interior between lyrics like, “My baby, baby she decapitated me.” The subject of death unites the three tracks that are, musically, each their own.  The feminine sound of Tink Safeer’s backing vocals gives the already danceable “You’re Alive” a dash of ’60s pop.  Decapitated slows to an end with a narrative sung from the perspective of a deceased lover accompanied only by acoustic guitar: “I Stopped Loving You Tonight” could be Deadbolt on open mic night.