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Shady Chapel
Self Released
Street: 02.23
Shady Chapel = Band of Annuals + Johnathan Rice
Shady Chapel is led by Jordan Clark. Jordan is not only a talented songwriter and vocalist, but he also plays the guitar, harmonica and organ. The result is a country-folk-pop self-titled EP that would make the Band of Annuals proud. The pairing of Jordan’s voice with Hillery Hathaway’s on “Monster” creates the same magic as when you hear the beautifully harmonized vocals between BOA’s Jay Henderson and Jeremi Hanson. The pedal steel plays with your emotions on “Old Mexico”, while the harmonica-laced track “Happy Once” leaves you somber as Jordan’s voice cries out singing “I was sober once / for more than a couple of days / but this might be the week / I finally break it free / but it won’t be long before I spiral down”. The only minor drawback is the out-of-place high-tempo “Color.” It doesn’t belong here. Other than the one mishap, this is a topnotch release.