Local Reviews: Sheeprizer

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My Big House

100 Zero Records
Street: April 2008

Sheeprizer = Bob Log – slide guitar & vocals + Pelican – all sound production + Stevie Vai
I will always have a deep admiration for multi-instrument musicians. Sheeprizer is a pretty standard hard rock set up by a man known as Butt Socrates, consisting of basic distorted guitars, drums and no vocals. Therein is my problem. After the first few tracks, you get a general idea and can probably figure out how the rest of the album will flow. Aside from the last song, which deviates greatly from the formula, there aren’t any surprises or, frankly, any interesting moments. The song structures are fairly standard, and all of the songs desperately need something more than what is delivered here, whether it is vocals or just some actual exploration. DIY releases at their core are endearing and exactly what rock and roll should be-that is why I love them. Unfortunately, this really feels like a set of raw guitar tracks for a drummer to lay down the beats for a recording except the drum tracks are there too. Mr. Butt Socrates, you have the potential to do much, much better.