Local Reviews: Skud Missile Smugglaz

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Skud Missile Smugglaz
Pyramid Schemes EP
Danger Room Science
Street: 05.01
Skud Missile Smugglaz = The Smash Brothas + The Knoitalls
This EP surprised me, as most great local hip hop/rap does. The beats are interesting, the production utilizes samples well and the emcees are on point with some really well-versed rhymes. It is VERY nice to see a local group bringing up political ideas that challenge the mainstream with questions about the quality of westernized lifestyles and the wars fought in the name of the American people in the guise of “freedom.” It also appeals to the nihilist in me with their rhymes about the post-apocalyptic world we have to look forward to if the fat cats in power keep holding the chokechain on us for too long. Most people in Utah won’t pick this up though, because, 1) They’re too busy listening to fucking pop-country, 2) They’re too busy popping out fucking two-headed babies and paying their mortgage in the rat race, 3) All of the above. I think you know which to circle my friend, and if you don’t, do not worry about getting the education that Skud Missile Smugglaz are trying to school you on in their debut release.