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Street: 12.26.09
Skychange = Evanescence  + Trapt + P.O.D.
Supposedly inspired by heavy doses of psilocybin, Hallelucination almost covers up its regrettable style and terrible taste by thickly laying on highly produced psyche-out space effects and decent guitar chops. Every track is a tease. Each one builds up like it’s going to be an ambient, drifting Flaming Lips tune or even a delightful hardcore romp, but then quickly brings everything to a jarring halt a la early-2000s alternative rock. The energy is fierce, however. The disc is almost tribal in spots—if uncultured, X96-listening Juggalos and Ozzfest-goers count as a tribe. This album is enough to keep me away from shrooms and acid. Kids, just say no.