Sweet Treats
Street: 01.01
S.L.F.M = Pink Martini + Dead Kennedys 
This 14-song, 13-and-a-half-minute album is a sweet little treat indeed. S.L.F.M., the brainchild of SLC musician Jessica Davis, is one our cities finest projects. With buttery vocals reminiscent of Pink Martini’s China Forbes, frenetic strumming not unlike Dead Kennedys, and the unique use of distorted ukulele to set the mood, these tunes are ridiculously original and fun. Clocking in at just about a minute apiece, each song manages to pack in an incredible story and vibe. The vocals are mostly smooth and creamy, but Davis shows her fearlessness and willingness to experiment with every random bark, growl and howl that she throws in the mix. I can’t say enough good things about this project, both the recorded material and the live show. Do yourself a favor and make sure to catch her and this disc next time we’re lucky enough to have her touring back through her hometown.