Son of Ian
Good Morning September
Street Date: 06.01.12
Son of Ian = Dave Matthews Band + Black Crowes
The biggest thing that struck me after listening to this album was not any particular song, but the strong musical chops that Son of Ian put on display. Their sound has a fusion of both rock and funk. The local group’s sound is also quite tight on Good Morning September, much like a band that’s been playing together for 20 years. Lead singer Trenton McKean has a great set of pipes, including a unique growling technique that he throws in here and there. Another thing that stood out to me on this record was the saxophone playing of David Oster. You don’t really hear too much saxophone in rock bands these days, but Oster knows his shit, and it blends nicely with the group’s sound. Although there’s nothing mind-blowing about this record from Son of Ian, it is enjoyable nonetheless.