Spirit Master
Demo Album EP
Street: 03.31
Spirit Master = Mercury Rev + Neu!
Notwithstanding their lack of prior coverage and how their name sounds like it was loaned from a Dungeons & Dragons manual, Spirit Master is definitely an interesting act when contrasted with the current local music scenes. Locals might recognize band member Brent Dreiling from Band of Annuals and The American Shakes, but needless to say, comparing those with this record is comparing apples to oranges—engrossedly psychedelic oranges. I hear one of the band’s influences, The Flaming Lips (circa both The Soft Bulletin and Finally the Punk Rockers are Taking Acid) shine on most of this EP, especially the titillating opener, “You Gotta Hold On (To Me).” Another track, “Whoever You Are,” sounds like a lost B-side collaboration by The Replacements and kraut godfathers, Can. Although the noise guitar dynamics become a bit too virtuoso on some tracks, Demo Album EP has more smooth edges than rough.