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Street: 08.10
Spitsofrantic = Immortal Technique + Soulshakers
Perhaps because my expectations were so low, this album was sort of enjoyable. Spitzo has a solid, balanced, if simple flow. His doubles are well timed-he knows his verses. The record’s frenetic trip-hop-acid-gangsta production fits surprisingly well with it’s dystopian theme. Case in point is the album’s title track, a number whose jazz flute vibrato sample provides fitting dissonance for Spitzo’s rhymes of police oppression and totalitarianism. The writing is straightforward revolutionary bemoaning, leaving no doubt as to his political views. Could do without “Arrested Developments” police siren sampling and the bitten Junior Gong chorus on “Light Em Up” but overall, this is some of the better hip-hop to leave Dogden’s thuggish ruggish boulevards.