Stag Hare
A. Star
Street: 01.10.08
Stag Hare = A Silver Mt. Zion + Animal Collective + Explosions in the Sky This album is nearly 42 minutes long � but feels like 10. Starting off slowly with an almost-tribal melody, Ahspen easily could have been the soundtrack to The Martian Chronicles, because all 42 minutes in this piece are an instrumentation of beautiful bliss that seem to follow an internal storyline. The album dips and dives with guitars, progresses and digresses with all of the intensity of A Silver Mt. Zion’s This is Our Punk Rock through muffled drumbeats and shakers, yet never breaks its sequence of events. Ultimately, this album is atmospheric, other-worldly music at its finest, yet stays grounded by portraying a sense of establishment and optimism � ultimately seeming to challenge the listener more than anything. This album does more with one single track than most post-rock bands do with twelve.