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Destination X!!
Street: 12.10.09
Striation = A Perfect Circle + Hum + Our Lady Peace
If Striation could learn the difference between brooding and moody, “Memories We’ll Keep” could have been a great radio single 10 years ago. I am not being sarcastic, “Memories We’ll Keep” has the loud-soft dynamic, reverby vocals, driving bass and simple power chords that dominated the ubiquitous, qualifier-driven alternative rock of the late nineties. Unfortunately Striation put their best foot forward early and let the rest of Destination X!! (two exclamation marks? really?) wade through an angst-filled post-grunge miasma filtered through mid-ninties space rock. Nick Borrego’s vocals are the driving agent on the album and fortunately don’t overstep his range. This is par for the course of a band who know their roles and play close to the book of mainstream alt-metal.