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Don’t Give a Fuck EP
Famous Anus
Street: 07.10
Stumphead = Nature – Patrick Swayze’s Ghost
When I first looked at the album art (done in MS Paint by the looks of it) and subsequently popped in the CD, I just assumed that the band was made up of a bunch of lazy, masturbating high school sophomores. Imagine my surprise when minimal web-based research revealed that these dudes are old enough to grow facial hair and drink in bars. Although the vocal style is exactly the same as you might find on recordings from singer J-Hole’s other project, The Hung Ups, this stuff is a lot less poppy. It maintains obvious punk influences and sensibilities while drifting slightly to the dark world of metal and hardcore. The recording quality of this EP is no more than that of a sloppily mixed basement demo, but the band’s energy blasts through, giving the feeling that they might actually be pretty good live.