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I Hate Records
Street: 03.15
SubRosa = Gallhammer + Jarboe + PJ Harvey

When I first heard about SubRosa, I noticed their influences were made up of bands that I would drive, or have driven, hundreds of miles to see. Naturally, I was intrigued. Not only is the band a unique entity among the local scene, but they’re not exactly comparable to bands globally. With an all-female lineup, these ladies deliver gloom and disdain in an extremely appealing package. The lyrics read subtly enough to be interpreted in several ways and are sung with a ton of despair and woe. Think of a Gustave Dor-style carving where Israelites are cowering in the desert under their cloaks, hiding from a higher power yeah, THAT kind of woe. The songs are of traditional length and structure, but the album is not without surprises such as in “Go Down Moses” or the very addictive “Isaac.” The songs primarily consist of down-tuned guitars and cymbal heavy drumming that carries much of the momentum with tasteful use of haunting violin contributing to the vocal melodies. This is still a rather “ugly” record but the feminine aspect of it creates such an attractive listen amidst a style generally dripping with testosterone. If music which makes you scowl is appealing, I cannot recommend this enough.